I didn’t think yoga was for me, until I tried it. I’ve realised that apart from being highly effective at reducing stress and promoting general wellness, yoga has to be taught well. Yyoga Roseville delivers in this respect and Isabelle and her team demonstrate a high and consistent level of care and teaching skills.


For me, one of the main benefits of the yoga practice is the overall feeling of wellbeing, physically, mentally, and spiritually. I have become more focused, more even tempered and much better able to regulate my emotions. I can see now that yoga has many facets and is a lot vaster than I had imagined.


Yyoga Roseville is a studio with great vibes and positive energy. The teachers are professional with high standard of technical knowledge and provide a caring and safe environment to grow and challenge both body and mind. I have gained in mobility, confidence and strength and feel highly motivated to improve my practice.


I have had 23 years of yoga and I choose Yyoga Roseville because the teaching is the best I have experienced. There is a range of classes to suit different levels of practice and every class offers a new learning opportunity and run smoothly with a steady progression.

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