Meet Our Teachers

Isabelle Achard Lobato

Director and Principal Teacher

My background is in dance and theatre. I fell in love with yoga in 1991 while completing an Arts degree at the University of Western Sydney. This marked the beginning of a gradual shift from a professional dance career into yoga which after more than three decades, continues to inspire and steer me into more conscious living.

After many years of practising with and learning from different teachers, I committed to train in the Iyengar tradition over several years at the Chatswood Yoga Centre with Carolyn Serich. I have been certified in the method since 2011. I am versed in yoga therapeutics and my deep interest in anatomy and human movement informs my teaching focus. To offer a safe platform for learning, and learning to live more at home in our body and working from where we are, not from where we think we should be.

It brings me great joy to continue witnessing the transformative powers of yoga for students and the difference yoga makes to their lives. As for myself I can affirm that yoga has changed my life in more ways than I can say.

Akhila Hughes

Akhila Hughes is a certified Iyengar Yoga teacher with several years’ experience. She has been passionate about yoga since her first class in the early 90’s and has been practising Iyengar yoga ever since. She continues to feel the benefits of yoga at different levels and each class is an opportunity to develop more understanding and insight into the practice.

Akhila has been working with senior Iyengar yoga teacher Peter Thomson for over 17 years and was also a student of Sue-Ellen Kohler for 16 years. Her love of yoga continues to drive her teaching and practice and she is passionate about passing on her ever-growing understanding, much of which comes from teaching.

Blye Wilson

Blye was first introduced to Iyengar Yoga in the mid 1980’s and she knew from the beginning that it would always play a big part. During the busy period of bringing up her children, yoga study and practice were reduced to reading books and attending classes sporadically. It was not until 2003 that regular classes became possible again. In 2005 she first began attending classes at the Sydney Yoga Space with Iyengar Yoga teacher Peter Thomson. The importance of ‘intelligent action’ that runs through all Peter’s classes began to give some understanding that dedicated yoga practice can be life, and culture changing.

She has attended numerous intensives and workshops with Peter in Bali, Thailand, and Sydney as well as an ongoing teacher development program which provides a forum to a community of teachers globally. The training that these meetings provide help immensely with teaching students about the subtle aspects of yoga practice.


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