Classes @ Yyoga Roseville

At Yyoga Roseville, we offer a variety of classes tailored to suit different levels of practice. Beginners can build a strong foundation in our Basics classes, while those ready to progress or seeking more depth can join the General classes where there is more assumed knowledge and a wider range of poses are practised. For relaxation, release and breath work, our Rest and Restore class provides a serene counterbalance to the more dynamic posture-based classes. Our Gentle Hatha class is perfect for seniors or anyone in need of a slower pace. Join our welcoming community of yogis in Roseville and experience the many benefits and joy of yoga in a safe and supportive environment.


Perfect for beginners, these classes focus on foundation poses and fundamental yoga principles providing a solid base for further learning.


A step up from Basics, these classes are for students with yoga experience and present more advanced poses with greater emphasis on precision, alignment and the use of props.

Gentle Hatha

This class suits anyone who prefers a slower pace and less intensity. Perfect for seniors, brand new to yoga or anyone recovering from an injury or dealing with ailments.


A tranquil class with long-held supported poses to facilitate deep relaxation and stress release, ideal for balancing a busy lifestyle.

Class Timetable

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